Holiday First Aid Set


Happy Holidays!

We've selected the products we believe will help keep you grounded and relaxed during and after travel, family gatherings and large dinners. We're calling it the Holiday First Aid Set because as nice as the holidays can be they can also include some triggers and stressful moments - but don't worry! We've got you.


Palo Santo (1 stick): Hailing from Peru, this wooden stick emits a relaxing scent when lit with notes of pine, mint and lemon that will help you relax and make your apartment smell amazing.

Face Mist (50 ml): Travel, large dinners and going out will probably have you cheating your healthy routine. Our Face Mist will help calm puffy skin, balance and reduce redness and leave your face glowing.

Creme Deodorant (60 ml): Nobody wants to be emitting BO during a family dinner. Carry our deodorant around with you in your bag and we promise you'll never be that person.

Canvas Tote: Something nice to carry all your new goods in. Choose between natural or black.


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